Bathroom Refurbishment

Bathroom refurbishments

Bathrooms nowadays are no longer the utilitarian spaces that they once were. Proud homeowners are splashing out to refurbish their bathrooms into a private oasis of calm. The major aspect of the refurbishment will be the type of tiles used and there is a plethora of choice out there to fit every taste and budget.

For a low maintenance bathroom, ceramic tiles are often recommended. While they can be a little cold to touch and may be uncomfortable when used for flooring, ceramic tiles are water resistant, versatile, easy to clean and durable. The biggest advantage of using ceramic tiles, however, is the cost. They are often very good value of money, compared to other options and with such a wide variety of colours and finish to choose from, creating the right look for your bathroom will be easy.

Next to ceramics, glass tiles are also very popular. The extra depth on glass tiles tend to reflect the light, making a small bathroom space looks larger. Like ceramic tiles, glass tiles come in many colours and are equally durable and easy to care for. However, they are much more expensive than ceramic tiles. Hence many decorators use glass tiles as accents with matching ceramic tiles.

Homeowners who appreciate the natural look may opt for natural stone tiles, marble or granite. These are often very durable but special care must be taken to treat them with a sealant before use. When properly treated, these tiles last a long time and if they are good quality stones like marble quarried from Italy, they may even contribute to the value of the house. The attraction of these natural stones is the unique, one of a kind patterns. There may be even a fossil or two! There are engineered versions of these natural tiles that come in many colours and textures so you are not limited to neutral and white and grey colours that stone tiles are known for.

Interior Painting and Decorating

Interior and exterior painting

Of all the decorative tricks out there, there is nothing more versatile in transforming a space than a lick of paint. A room can be transformed by careful choice of colour, shade, and finish. However, the sheer number of colour and the types of finish available is enough to confuse anyone. Hands up, those who had bought a pretty shade of paint the store and found the colour underwhelming once painted on the wall.

Sometimes the shade on the tin will not translate well into the space you have in mind. before committing paint onto your walls. The amount of lighting the room plays a factor and it is highly recommended that you make the best use of test patches before committing paint to the entire wall. Be bold with the brush strokes during the test and check how the colour looks at different times of the day. It is recommended that you try slightly different shades to check which one is most suitable.

When thinking of painting the interior of your house, the best is to step back and reflect on what you are trying to achieve. What kind of ambience do you want to create? Do you have any special themes in mind? Do you want to recreate a memory of a holiday or a childhood place? It is also important to factor in your furnishings. Are you going to buy new furniture or use the present ones?

A lot of people make the mistake of painting all the walls in a neutral colour to make the space bigger but in doing so, they are making the space looks bland.
When tackling a paint job, it is good to look at the space with a critical eye. Are there any features in the room that you could highlight? Choosing an accent wall can be a great way to make a space interesting. You can paint one wall in a darker shade or totally different colour. Some homeowners commission a full-size mural to cover one wall as a statement piece. When done right, not only it looks unique and artistic, it will definitely become a conversation starter at the next dinner party.

The trend for exterior paint nowadays is towards neutral colours like taupe and warm greys. They make the house blend into the surroundings, giving a classy look. Houses painted in white always gives a traditional clapboard feel. Be careful when choosing a shade of white for exteriors – whites with a yellow undertone works best.   Dark exterior paints can look impressive. Navy or dark blue tones can give out a nautical feel, especially when trimmed with white and cypress and forest green shades have a restful quality.

If you are thinking of colours for the exterior of your house, choose colours that you would love coming home to day after day. You may love coming to a house painted yellow. Why shouldn’t you? It’s a cheerful colour you can spot a mile away. However, if you are thinking of selling in the near future, it may be more prudent to paint it a lighter shade. It will be more pleasing to a broader range of taste yet still gives out a happy, cheerful vibe.

Victoria House

This London Builder was proud to be chosen to renovate a charming Grade II listed property facing Victoria Square. The properties surrounding the pretty Victoria Square were once part of the Grovesnor estate and constructed between 1838-1840, which is the start of Queen Victoria’s reign. As a nod to this, a statue of young Queen Victoria has been commissioned by the residents in 2007 and now stands in the square.

In keeping with the history of the area, sympathetic refurbishment of the property was needed. The customer wanted a family home; however, the five storey stucco fronted property was in dire need of modernisation. A complete overhaul of the interior was done, including laying down new floors and installing new electrical wiring and plumbing.

The colour scheme was kept to a simple white with shades of grey and ebony accents.   The property is blessed with beautiful large windows; white wooden shutters were installed in the living room windows to complement the dark grey wood flooring and overall colour scheme.

The previous kitchen was a mish mash of dark wood paneling and rose pink and white colour scheme. Vine Construction had transformed the space into an attractive, clean space with sleek white kitchen cabinets and integrated American-style fridge. The large skylight lets in plenty of warm, natural light right on top of a marble-styled island which the family can use as a breakfast counter.

The spacious family bathroom gave Vine Construction leeway to install a free-standing bathtub, shower, and double sink vanity. The property previously had attractive stained-glass styled windows. Vine Construction kept this concept, installing blue and clear glass window in the bathroom to let in natural light yet maximising privacy. A similar stained glass window is installed in the study.

It had been a pleasure bringing back this property to life. It is now a gorgeous family home, consisting of double reception rooms, three bedrooms, a dressing room, four bathrooms and a kitchen, with plenty of space for the family to grow.